Shocked? CHOD Is the Answer

Trying to work out what is causing your patient’s shocked state is not only of diagnostic importance but will also guide you management, but first:

What is shock?

Shock is a clinical state in which tissue hypoxia results from mismatched oxygen supply and demand

How is CHOD going to help me ?

CHOD is a simple mnemonic covering the causes of shock.

Cardiogenic Hypovolaemic Obstructive Distributive

To read a more about individual causes click on the links above.


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One thought on “Shocked? CHOD Is the Answer

  1. Hey John
    If you want to be super-inclusive, you could add a second D, ie CHODD, which includes ‘Dissociative’ shock. Causes include severe anaemia, and Cyanide poisoning, where there is either inadequate release of oxygen, or inadequate utilisation of oxygen at the cellular level.

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