Imaging Case of the Week 244 Answer

The AP view of the lumbar spine indicates the reduced height of the L1 vertebra and a widened inter-pedicular distance.

The lateral view shows anterior wedge compression, with an approximate 30-40% loss of the anterior vertebral body height; the presence of an injury is also indicated by the convexity of the posterior vertebral body (burst component)

A CT scan of the lumbar spine indicated a Chance fracture, and the patient underwent internal fixation of the affected vertebra.

Chance fracture is a specific vertebral injury which involves a horizontal fracture through the vertebral body, pedicles, lamina, and the spinous process. It is related to flexion-distraction injury, such as through the use of a lap seatbelt or a fall from a height. Associated serious injuries to retroperitoneal structures (i.e. duodenum, pancreas, mesentery) and the spinal cord should be assessed.

Reference here.


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