Lab case 156

A 27 year old man is brought to your ED after being found collapsed at home. On examination he has a GCS of 7 (E1,V2,M4)

Observations on 8 litres Hudson mask:

PR 105/min

RR 38/min

T 37

BP 130/80

Describe and interpret his blood results

List and Justify your further investigationsNa  142 mmol/l

K  5.0 mmol/l

Cl  106 mmol/l

HCO3  8 mmol/l

Urea  4.8 mmol/l

Creat  186 umol/l

Glucose  5.4 mmol/l

pH  7.1

pO2  213 mmHg

pCO2  13  mmHg

BE  -25.6 mmol/l

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