Lab Case 170

68 year old female presents to ED c/o nausea and dizziness. Patient reports having a headache 2 weeks previously associated with dizziness.

Headache resolved after a few days, however the patient continues to complain of dizziness especially on getting up. Background history of Breast CA on hormone modifying drug. Denies drugs. Consumes 1 standard drink daily

Examination – Vitals within normal limits. No postural drop

Jaundiced sclera.

Normal GCS, no hepatic flap

Abd – unremarkable examination

Blood results:

Bilirubin – 236 umol/L (<16)

ALP – 371 U/L (30-110)

GGT- 542 U/L (<36)

ALT – 3247 U/L (<36)

ALB – 41 g/L (36-48)

TP – 70 g/L (60-80)

INR 2.0

  1. Describe and interpret the above blood results
  2. What further investigations would be needed to assess the cause and complications of this case?
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