Lab Case 177

30 year old female presents from an inpatient drug rehabilitation facility after being drowsy overnight and having low oxygen saturation.  She is intubated on arrival.

O/E:  BP 110/70 HR 110 Sats 90% (FIO2 1.0) RR 28 T37.8 C

The patient has multiple erythematous skin lesions on her arms and torso.Post intubation ABG:

pH 7.2                                                  Na 145mmol/l

PCO2 25mmHg                                   K 3.8mmol/l

P02 70mmHg                                      Cl 111mmol/l

HCO3 12mmol/l                                  Cr 90umol/l

B/E -4                                                  Glucose 6.4

Sats 92%                                              Lactate 5mmol/l


  1. Describe and Interpret the ABG?
  2. According to Sepsis 3 define sepsis and septic shock?
  3. What makes up qSOFA score and how useful is it in ED?
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