Lab case 179

A 65 year old female presents to ED after acute onset SOB and collapse at home.

On Arrival BP 75/40 HR 122 Sats 80% R/A Temp 37.8 RR35

ABG on FiO2 0.6

pH 7.08                                            Na 143mmol/l

pCO2 61mmHg                                K 4mmol/l

pO2 68mmHg                                  Cl 105mmol/l

HCO3 18                                          Cr 83umol/l

B/E -13                                             lactate 4.1

CXR – No signs of consolidation/collapse or pneumothorax

  1. Describe and Interpret the ABG
  2. How are PE’s classified based on disease severity and what is their specific treatment based on their classification?
  3. What tools can be used to identify patients who can be treated for their PE’s as an outpatient?
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