Case of the week 21

Handover at 0800- 53-year-old Indian presenting to hospital with severe neck pain. History is difficult to attain because of the language barrier. The night RMO has sent some blood and gave her some analgesics, including a 5 mg tablet of Oxycodone.

The RMO thinks the patient will need further assessment.

  • How will you approach the situation?

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Lab case 272

A 9 year old boy brought to ED by ambulance after developing a tonic-clonic seizure, it lasted for 8 minutes and was terminated by a single dose of benzos. Background of fever for 4 days and he is on amoxicillin for possible otitis media.
CSF was taken and the results are:

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Case of the week 11

A 23-year girl was brought in ED by her mother in a wheelchair as she is refusing to walk. She is known to have borderline personality disorder and had multiple presentations before, with behavioral issues. During triage, she refused to talk to the nurse and kept her eyes shut.

  • How will you assess the patient in the ED?

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