Case of the week 13

You are about to see 2 brothers in the pediatric area, one 2 and another one 4-year-old. They were brought in by their mother, who is concerned that they may have had some of her iron tablets 1 hour ago at home. She pulled out at least 4-5 tablets from the younger one’s mouth.

According to the mother, there were 30 tablets in the bottle, with 105mg elemental iron in each tablet.

  • What is your risk assessment in this situation?

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Case of the week 11

A 23-year girl was brought in ED by her mother in a wheelchair as she is refusing to walk. She is known to have borderline personality disorder and had multiple presentations before, with behavioral issues. During triage, she refused to talk to the nurse and kept her eyes shut.

  • How will you assess the patient in the ED?

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Case of the week 10


A 72-year male, a retired car mechanic, presented to ED by ambulance at 0100 hours. He was found slumped over in his garage area, obtunded.

His initial vitals were- BP 100/60, HR 90, RR 19, Sats-94%, and BSL 15.

He takes an antihypertensive, a beta-blocker, insulin.

  • What are the possible causes of this presentation?
  • How will you initially approach the situation?

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