2 thoughts on “ECG of the Week: 3rd June 2013

  1. Hi, fascinating tracing you’ve got. Let me give it a shot
    1) Not a sinus rhythm. Inverted P waves are seen in most limb leads(II,III,aVF), and upright in lead aVR. P wave morphology seems to be normal and PR interval is well within normal range
    2) Significant left axis deviation(predominantly negative polarity in lead III and aVF)
    3) QRS complexes narrow(11mm.
    7) QT interval is normal(less than half the RR)
    8) No Q wave formation

    Impression: This is either an juctional rhythm/ectopic atrial rhythm manifesting very early changes of acute inferior STEMI in the background of left ventricular hypertrophy.

  2. thanks for the great comments CYC. With the ECG of the week as it lives on the blogspot site it is better to post your comments there were others tend to and can reply to you. Also the post author monitors more closely and comments there more often.
    I’ll post a link to your comment but even better if you cut and paste it across.
    Thanks again for your contribution.

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