ECG of the Week – 9th September 2020

The following ECG is from a 46 year old man who has been brought by ambulance with chest pain and dyspnoea.

He looks pale and unwell, his vital signs are as follows:

HR 100 BP 149/87 RR 24 Sats 94% RA T 36

  1. Describe and interpret the ECG.
  2. How will you mange this patient?


1 thought on “ECG of the Week – 9th September 2020

  1. Proximal LAD STEMI with mural thickness injury over the area of the LAD. Needs Aspirin & clopidogril or ticagalor, 2 large bore IVs, heparin, defibrillation pads attached, cardiology consult, and to be taken directly to the cath lab. If not available, then needs thrombolytic therapy.

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