ECG Week 21st July 2021 Interpretation

A 52 year old female referred by their GP with abnormal biochemistry results.  Below is the patients ECG:

Describe and Interpret the ECG:

Rate: 66 beats per minute


  • Complexes 1-4/6-7/9/11 regular sinus
  • Complex 5 PVC
  • Complexes 8 and 10 junctional escape complexes with sinus arrest

Axis: Normal


  • PR 160ms
  • QRS 120ms
  • QTc/ QU 545ms (Bazett)


  • Baseline artefact
  • ST depression inferolaterally
  • T wave inversion inferiorly
  • U waves inferiorly

The above ECG shows typical features for hypokalaemia

  • U wave
  • Prolonged QTc/QU
  • ST depression
  • Increased automaticity

The patient had a potassium of 2.2mmol/l.  Other electrolytes need to be checked in this case as often patients also have low magnesium +/- low calcium.

ECG obtained from John Larkins ECG of the Week July 2017. With Thanks