Imaging Case of the Week 60

The following  CT images are from a 30 year old female patient who has presented with right iliac fossa pain. What can you see?

CT abdomen 1

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CT abdomen 2

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The CT scan shows a well defined mass lesion in the right iliac fossa, measuring 10×10 cm. It contains fat, fluid, soft tissue and a tooth-like calcification. These features are suggestive of right ovarian dermoid cyst.

Dermoid ovarian cysts are benign ovarian tumors derived from germ layers. They can contain hair, fat, skin, muscle tissue and teeth. Age group of presentation is 20-40 years; about 15-20% are bilateral. Complications include rupture, torsion, haemorrhage and malignant transformation.

Thanks to Dr. Tandra Paul for the images.