Joondalup Health Campus Fellowship OSCE Workshop


Plan for the day- 9th June 2022

Registration- 0745

Introduction- Dr Ps Bhowmik 0800-0810

  • The schedule of the day
  • Housekeeping details
  • Introduction of the candidates

Introduction to Joondalup OSCE Program- Dr Sara Clements 0810-0815

Know your exam- Dr Yuresh Naidoo 0815- 0830

  • How to prepare for the exam day
  • Information about the venue and the process before the exam
  • The procedure of the exam

Domains and OSCE types- Dr Ioana Vlad 0830- 0845

  • Explanation of domains of assessment
  • A guide to understanding and structuring the OSCE answer around the domains of assessment
  • Discussion about common types of OSCEs
  • Explaining the marking method

Panel Discussion- 0845 -0930

Chair Person- Dr Steve Dunjey

Dr Adeel Wajid, Dr Emilie Harding, Dr Elissa Poulter

  • How to prepare?
  • What not to do?
  • Preparation over the last 6 months to 1 year leading up to the exam
  • Talk about hurdles and the strategies to overcome them

Morning Tea- 09300- 0945

Paediatric communication- Dr Michael Lovegrove/Dr Sarah Clarke 0945- 1030

  • Discussion around Paediatric- parental communication
  • Few common scenarios-
  • How to communicate with distressed parents?
  • How to handle difficult communications- i.e., breaking bad news, NAI
  • Consenting to procedures- how to provide the information

Sessions- 1030- 1330

The candidates will be divided into 2 groups, so each session on a certain topic will be held twice, and the 2 groups will swap after each session.


Clinical Synthesis and management– Dr Yuresh Naidoo, Dr Steve Dunjey

Examination/ Procedure– Dr Igantius Munjodzi, Dr Fiona Beattie

1130- 1230

Simulation– Dr Yusuf Mamoojee, Dr Paul Koh

SCBD– Dr Yuresh Naidoo, Dr Ioana Vlad


Communication– Dr Steve Dunjey, Dr Sara Clements

History taking– Dr Ioana Vlad, Dr Yusuf Mamoojee


1030- 1100 Clinical synthesis and management Examination/ Procedure
1100- 1130 Examination/ Procedure Clinical synthesis and management
1130- 1200 Simulation SCBD
1200- 1230 SCBD Simulation
1230- 1300 Communication History taking
1300- 1330 History taking Communication

 Lunch 1330- 1400

Practice OSCEs- 1400- 1600

Ten candidates will be participating in practice OSCEs in exam conditions over 2 hours period. Group 1 will go first, and group 2 will be in the quarantine.

Practice exam 1- 1400- 1500 Group 1

Five OSCE stations and one rest station- (10 minutes – 3 minutes reading time/7 minutes assessment time)

Practice exam 2- 1500- 1600 Group 2

Feedback- 1600-1645