Lab Case 209

A 59 year old man returned from a 6 week holiday in the USA 2 days ago. He was seen in an ED while on holiday for shortness of breath and given antibiotics which he completed. The shortness of breath has been ongoing but worse in the last 3 days.

On examination he is short of breath, sweaty and pale.


BP  90/70, HR 120/min, T 38, RR 30/min.

an XR was requested (see Radiology of the week) and blood tests requested. Continue reading

Lab Case 49

A 70 year old lady presents to your ED with a painful left knee. She has had three days of pain and swelling with intermittent fevers. On examination the knee is hot, red and swollen with a limited range of motion. She is apyrexial. She has severe difficulty weight bearing.

She has a history of recurrent UTI’s and is on prophylactic antibiotics.

You perform an aspirate of her knee which shows: Continue reading