Lab Case 134

You receive a call on the red phone. Young male, 24 years of age is coming in on a priority one with ongoing seizures. He has had 15mg midazolam without effect. You ask for more details and are given the following vitals:

PR 150/min

RR  30/min

BP  ??

T 41

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Lab Case 11

A 67 year old man is brought to your Emergency Department by ambulance. He is 7 days post right total knee replacement, complaining of feeling generally unwell and a painful right knee. He has had a previous cholecystectomy.


BP 120/60,           PR 140-160/min irregular

Temp 40               RR 20/min, O2 sats 90% RA

On examination:


Chest clear

Abdomen soft and non tender

Describe and interpret the following bloods: Continue reading

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