Lab Case 209

A 59 year old man returned from a 6 week holiday in the USA 2 days ago. He was seen in an ED while on holiday for shortness of breath and given antibiotics which he completed. The shortness of breath has been ongoing but worse in the last 3 days.

On examination he is short of breath, sweaty and pale.


BP  90/70, HR 120/min, T 38, RR 30/min.

an XR was requested (see Radiology of the week) and blood tests requested. Continue reading

Lab Case 167

A 50 year old man is brought to your ED by ambulance. He complains of feeling unwell, fever, cough and difficulty breathing. He denies any chest pain or history of previous heart problems.

On examination he looks unwell, tachypnoeic and has very cold peripheries.


BP 150/90

HR 140/min, sinus

T 38

RR 26/min

O2 sats 96 RA Continue reading

Lab Case 148

A 49 year old man with NIDDM on Metformin is brought to the ED by his father. He was not seen for 2 days, father went to check on him and found him lying on the floor, confused and incoherent.

On arrival he was confused, not cooperative and looked unwell.

Vital Signs:

BP 90/60

PR 130/min

T 32

RR 30/min

His blood tests: Continue reading

Lab Case 11

A 67 year old man is brought to your Emergency Department by ambulance. He is 7 days post right total knee replacement, complaining of feeling generally unwell and a painful right knee. He has had a previous cholecystectomy.


BP 120/60,           PR 140-160/min irregular

Temp 40               RR 20/min, O2 sats 90% RA

On examination:


Chest clear

Abdomen soft and non tender

Describe and interpret the following bloods: Continue reading