ECG of the Week 28th December 2022

This is one of the serial ECGs on a 66 year old man who presented to ED following post-coital exertion. He has a history of multiple myeloma diagnosed 5 years ago and receives 4 weekly cycles of Carfilzomib/Dexamethasone therapy but has no other medical history. On the mention of having a heart attack, the patient states he does not want to be resuscitated. Please interpret the ECG and lists your next steps in the management of this patient.

ECG of the Week 21st December 2022

This ECG was obtained from a 22 year old man who had taken a polypharmacy overdose 24 hours ago. He had suffered a bradycardic / asystolic arrest and is currently in the intensive care unit. At the time of this ECG being printed, the patient is off all medical therapy directed towards chronotropy / inotropy. Please describe and interpret the ECG and outline your next steps to continue safely managing this patient.

ECG of the Week 9th November 2022

A 60 year old man, who speaks little English, is triaged as a category 2 for left sided chest pain after being brought to hospital by ambulance. He has a history of the following:

  1. CMML under surveillance (he says “no treatment, just blood tests”, but can’t tell you who his haematologist is)
  2. Kidney Dysfunction (he can’t elaborate further)
  3. Hypercholesterolaemia (takes a statin)
  4. Reflux (takes a PPI)

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