ECG of the Week 30th November 2022

A 52 year old woman is triaged as a category 2 after complaining of chest tightness on the background of having previous cardiac history. She thinks she may have had stenting to her coronaries but is unsure. Please systematically describe the ECG and anticipate what structural or functional changes she may have to her heart on echocardiography.

Intranasal Topical Application of Tranexamic Acid in Atraumatic Anterior Epistaxis

Original paper





  • Intranasal topical TXA is associated with a lower rate of need for anterior nasal packing and a shortened stay in the ED

Bottom line

  • Topical TXA for epistaxis is slowly gaining traction despite recent negative study (NoPAC)
  • This RCT fits author’s own experience- ineffective for posterior bleeding, delayed presentations or traumatic epistaxis, but no harm and better tolerated than balloon tamponade device (RapidRhino etc)

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