ECG of the Week 8th June 2022 Answer

A 50 year old male presents to ED at 06h45 with chest pain radiating to his left arm which woke him up at 02h00

Below is the patients ECG

  1. Describe and Interpret the ECG
  2. Discuss how you would manage this patient


Rate: 90 beats per minute

Rhythm: Normal Sinus Rhythm

Axis – normal axis


PR 200ms

QRS 100ms

QT 441ms (Bazett)


STE inferiorly III>II, reciprocal ST depressions lateral leads

ST depression V1-V3

The ECG in this clinical context shows an inferior MI with right sided and posterior involvement

Management would include

  • dual antiplatelet and heparin therapy
  • prepare for complications – defib pads placed on chest, draw up resus drugs including atropine, adrenalin and amiodarone
  • analgesia – avoid GTN as patient preload dependent
  • 250ml saline boluses if BP drops
  • depending on your location reperfusion – PCI vs thrombolysis – know your local protocol!