ECG of the Week 25th August 2021 – Interpretation

The ECG below is from a 79 year old man who has presented short of breath with acute pulmonary oedema. His past medical history includes HTN, T2DM and CKD.


  • Rate: 114
  • Rhythm: sinus
  • Axis: RAD (90-150) – a note on this later
  • Intervals: PR 210, QRS 140 QTc 469 (Bazzett)
  • Morphology: LBBB
  • Summary: Sgarbossa negative LBBB
  • Additional: +ve R in aVR -ve complex in aVL – these leads are swapped
  • Additional: lead 1 is inverted
  • Additional: Lead II and III are switched
  • ?is this RA and LA reversal