Lab Case 81

A 35 year old man presents to your ED with severe abdominal pain for the last 6 hours.  His Lipase is 3158.

Blood gas:

pH 7.321

pCO2  55  mmHg

HCO3  22 mmHg

Na  145  (137-145 mmol/l)

K  3.6  (3.5-5 mmol/l)

Cl  109  (99-111 mmol/l)

Glu  6.5  (3.-6  mmol/l)

Lac  1.6  (<2 mmol/l)

Creat  73  ((<130  umol/l)

Describe and interpret the blood gas results

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Lab Case 80

A 51 year old man is brought to your ED by his family. He has been slightly confused and also had diarrhoea and vomiting for the last three days.

The patient drinks about 3 litres of vodka per day. He has recently been started on Desvenlafaxine for depression.

He also has some visual hallucinations

On examination he looks jaundiced.


BP   90/60

PR  120/min Continue reading

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