Imaging Case of the Week 546 Answer

The pelvic X-ray shows.

Ischial tuberosity avulsion fracture on the left side. This is due to hamstring pull.

Avulsion fractures tend to occur in adolescent individuals and are located near the apophysis.

Sites involved are –

  • Iliac crest – abdominal muscles.
  • Anterior superior iliac spine – sartorius.
  • Anterior inferior iliac spine – rectus femoris.
  • Ischial tuberosity – hamstring.
  • Pubic symphysis – adductor muscle group.
  • Greater trochanter – gluteus medius.
  • Lesser trochanter – iliopsoas.

Patients need referral to orthopaedician for further management. Examine and document integrity of sciatic nerve.

Above patient was managed conservatively.