Lab Case 187

A 60 year old man is brought to your ED after a collapse at home. He has been feeling unwell for a few days with fevers and abdominal discomfort.

He is itchy and confused.


BP  90/60

HR 120/min

T 39On examination he has abdominal tenderness. After your initial inept assessment of this patient, including poor history taking and assessment you elect to do some screening blood tests which show the following:

Na  134

K  4.6

CL  99

HCO3  24

Urea  10.1

Creat  165

Bilirubin  35

ALP  568

GGT  559

ALT 126

Albumin  45

Lipase  66

CRP  27

Hb  110

Plt  234

WCC  8

Describe and interpret the blood results

What are the features that aid in the diagnosis of this condition?