Dr Colin Parker

Colin, the creator of EMergucate, is a FACEM* with an interest in on-line education and Paediatric Emergency Medicine. Check out Colin’s other project at:

Follow Colin on Twitter @empemorg

Dr Prathibha Shenoy

Prathibha is a FACEM* with a special interest in radiology. She is the author of Imaging Case of the Week.

Dr John Larkin

John is a FACEM* with an interest in Medical Education, FOAM and Web Based Educational Resources.

John also contributes to:
* ECG of the Week Blog
* Life in the Fast Lane

Follow John on Twitter @jjlarkin78

Dr Hanno Davel

Hanno is a FACEM* with a passion for having the right tools at hand when caring for your patient at the bedside. Hoping to provide tools to this end he is the author of EM Notes and Clinical examination resources to help equip practitioners to get the job done well.

Dr Anand Senthi

Anand is a FACEM* with an interest in Medical Education and Evidence Based Medicine. Anand also has a special interest in pulmonary embolism research. Anand is the author of FOAM Eye-Catchers and a contributor to Bite-Sized Basics. Follow Anand on Twitter @DrSenthi

Dr Ioana Vlad

Ioana is a FACEM* with an interest in education, toxicology and trauma.