OSCE Preparation Workshop 2023.2


Learn from FACEM Examiners: A perspective on the expected standard of answers and the difference between a borderline and an excellent performance.

Small group discussions: Specific OSCE types, Structuring, and Approach

Practice exam: Finish the Workshop with a practice exam and valuable feedback from the FACEM Examiners

Advanced late-phase trainees planning to sit the ACEM OSCE examination in a year to better understand the OSCE structure and process and provide a guide to studying and preparing for the exam.

Current examiners (including two Peer support examiners) and FACEMs are involved in the exam process or teaching of candidates.

Registration Fee
200 AUD

Registration is now closed for the 2023.2 Workshop

Joondalup Health Campus- ACEM Fellowship OSCE Handbook

This handbook is prepared using the information provided on the ACEM website about the fellowship clinical exam and the experiences of the candidates, examiners, and confederates of the exam. The purpose of this manual is to bring all the information together in one place concisely so it is easy to follow and helps candidates develop a framework to prepare for the exam.
In the manual, we will discuss the domains of assessment described by the college, identify various OSCE formats, discuss each OSCE type, and discuss how to structure the OSCE around the domains. A comprehensive list of all the past OSCEs is presented, sorted by type.
Your everyday practice in the emergency department should not differ from how you approach an OSCE for the exam. The OSCE should reflect your day-to-day practice. This manual will help you structure your exam study and consolidate your knowledge. By now, you should be an expert in your field, and the emphasis should not be on acquiring more knowledge but mastering your skills. It is not only important to be a medical expert in emergency medicine but also to be able to show that to the examiners.
Be a consultant, engage more with difficult patients, and have complex decision-making processes at work. Teach junior doctors on the floor and get feedback from Colleagues. Consider every presentation and every patient you see in the Emergency Department as an OSCE. There is no alternative to learning on the job in the medical profession.

The new version of the handbook will be uploaded soon

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