Lab Case 147

A 16 year old boy is brought to your ED by the ambulance with abdominal pain, vomiting and shortness of breath.

He is pale, sweaty and looks unwell.

Vitals: BP 90/60, PR 110/min, T 38, RR 30/min

His blood results:pH 6.750

pCO2  31.4mmHg

HCO3  4.1mmol/l

Hb  176 g/l

Na  142mmol/l

K 3.2mmol/l

Cl 115mmol/l

Glu 26mmol/l

Lactate 3.9mmol/l

Creat 52umol/l

Describe and interpret his blood results

What are your issues to address?

What are your treatment aims?