Lab Case 35

You are an Emergency Physician working in a rural hospital. You have seen an 8 year old girl who presents with facial oedema and dark urine. This is the second case you have seen in the last 3 days.

Her blood results are as follows:

Na  138   (134-146 mmol/l)

K  4.6    (3.5-5 mmol/l)

Cl    100   (95-108 mmol/l)

HCO3  21   (22-32 mmol/l)

Urea  12.1   (3-8 mmol/l)

Creat   101    (10-60 umol/l)

CRP   25

Hb   129   (112-145 g/l)

PLT   284   (140-400X10^9/l)

WCC   16     (4-12.5×10^9/l)

N    12.6    (1.3-7.3X10^9/l)


Leucocytes  >100/uL

Red Cells >100/uL

Epithelial Cells >20/uL

1. Describe and Interpret her Investigations

2. What is the case definition of a confirmed case?

3. What are the next actions to take?