Lab Case 8

69 year old male presents to your ED after two days of feeling generally unwell and feeling cold. His wife reports his temperature as being low (35.5) at home.

His history includes previous radical bladder and prostate resection due to bladder cancer. He has a history of recurrent UTI’s and recently completed a course of antibiotics.

Describe and Interpret

pH 7.10

CO2 37

O2 33

HCO3 11

BE -17

Na 133                                              Hb 121

K 4.9                                                 Plt 225

Cl 109                                                WCC 13.9 (N 12.2)

Glucose 19.8

Lactate 1.3

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  1. NAGMA with respiratory acidosis, relative hypokalaemia, elevated BGL and neutrophilia suggestive of acute infection. Evolving sepsis, presumed UTI source.

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