Beginner’s Guide to WordPress – Log-in & Dashboard

You’ve been invited to start blogging on a WordPress site but you’ve never done anything like this before, how do you start ?

This and the next few posts will go through some of the basics of getting started with a WordPress site like this one. To start we’ll assume someone has already set-up WordPress on a site and secured a domain.

To start posting using WordPress you must first log-in to WordPress.

You can do this by going to

  • Some sites have an admin log-in either at the top or bottom of the page

Once you’ve logged in you’llfind yourself at the Dashboard, this lets you navigate around the main functions of WordPress.

The options are pretty self explanatory

  • Post – lets you write posts for the site
  • Media – manage or upload media for posts (more on this below)
  • Profile – lets you edit your profile – image, bio, password