Beginner’s Guide to WordPress – Get Posting

You’ve managed to log-in and get to the Dashboard, now it’s time to get posting.

To get posting click on the Post link in the dashboard and “Add New”. The post field looks like this:

You can enter the title and then any text you want in the main field.The post field works much like any word processor software. Type what you want then click the publish button. Once published I’d recommend having a look at the post and check the formatting. You can always go back and edit the post either via Dashboard or Edit Post button on the top toolbar.

Using Categories

Emergucate principally uses categories to sort the blog posts. On the post screen towards the bottom right you’ll see a box of categories. These let the posts be sorted into different groups and the right hand ‘Topics’ navigation menu is constructed from the selected categories. Each post can have multiple categories but should probably have no more than three


This post on causes of shock and the CHOD mnemonic is categorised as

  • Bite-Sized Basic
  • Mnemonic
  • Critical Care