ECG of the Week 13 July 2022 Answer

A 53 year old male presents to ED complaining of chest pain. An ECG is done and is presented to you by one of the nurses:

Describe and Interpret the ECG


Rate: 84 beats/ min

Rhythm: Normal sinus rhythm

Axis: Normal axis


  • PR 160ms
  • QRS 100ms
  • QT 376 msec (Bazett)


  • Global Concave ST elevation, with no reciprocal changes
  • ST depression aVR
  • Down sloping TP segment – Spodicks sign
  • T waves peaked inferiorly

The above ECG shows typical findings of pericarditis, however in this clinical context (53 year old male) and peaking of T waves I would consider ACS

Further clinical history is required from the patient and serial ECG’s should be done to ensure evolving changes do not occur.

This patient had a previous history of pericarditis 1 year previously, that was treated as a STEMI with a clean PCI, and subsequently diagnosed with pericarditis. His clinical features on this presentation were typical for pericarditis and the patient had serial trops were negative.


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