ECG of the Week – 24th April 2019 – Interpretation

The following ECG is taken from a 82 year old non-English speaking lady whose family states she woke feeling unwell and with a funny feeling in her left arm:


  1. What are the ECG features seen?
  2. Discuss management.
ECG Features:-
Rate: 60
Rhythm: NSR
Axis: Normal
Morphology: Inferior STE >3mm with up to 3mm reciprocal STD in I, aVL, V2-V6
Intervals: Wenckebach / Mobitz type I Second degree heart block
Summary: Inferior STEMI with AV Block
Code STEMI (presented out of hours, transferred to RPH)
Aspirin, Ticagrelor, Heparin, Morphine
Developed bradycardia during transfer to rate of 40
Found to have RCA stenosis on angio
Further Reading:-
  • Chan TC, Brady WJ, Harrigan RA, Ornato JP, Rosen P. ECG in Emergency Medicine and Acute Care. Elsevier Mosby 2005.