ECG of the Week – 6th March 2019

The following ECG is from a 55 year old male who presented to the ED after experiencing on-going left sided chest ache.

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  1. Describe the key features of this ECG.
  2. How would you manage this patient?
  3. He is taken to the Angio suite on site. In which vessel would you expect to find disease?

2 thoughts on “ECG of the Week – 6th March 2019

  1. 1. STE in II, III and aVF with reciprocal depression in I, aVL and V2. Inferior STEMI. Hints of posterior involvement (III > II, STD in V2). Ideally perform posterior leads for confirmation.
    2. DAPT, anticoagulation, analgesia, oxygen PRN, if hypotensive, would err on the side of fluid bolus. No NTG. PPCI.
    3. RCA.

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