ECG of the Week – 10th August 2022 Interpretation

You are reviewing a 16 year old girl who has taken an estimated 66-222mg/Kg overdose of her grandmothers SR Theophylline tablets 6 hours prior.

Her observations are BP 90/60, RR 22, Sats 98% air, T36.5, GCS 15. She is trembling and nauseous.

A VBG shows pH 7.44 pCO2 32.1 HC03 21.7 Na 143 K2.4 BSL9.8 Lac 3.5 Cr 69

Her ECG is as below:


  • Rate: 144
  • Rhythm: supraventricular
  • Axis: 0-90
  • Intervals: PR 100 –  QRS 80  QTc prolonged
  • Morphology: inferolateral ST depression (II, III, aVF, V3-V6)
  • Summary: Although this ECG initially has hallmarks of AVNRT if you look closely in leads I and V1 you can see presence of p waves. Other leads show p on t and therefore recognition of sinus rhythm is hard (and assessment of QTc difficult – but in a rule of thumb approach you can see the QT is >half the preceding RR interval)

What is the dose related risk assessment of Theophylline in acute overdose?

  • >10mg / Kg   Potential toxicity
  • >50mg/Kg     Lethal toxicity
  • This is a life threatening overdose

How would you manage her further? (following RRSIDEAD approach)

  • Resus: correct hypotension with fluid bolus 20mls/Kg, treat seizure with BDZ of choice, treat VT or SVT as below
  • Risk assessment: high risk given suspected lethal dose, evidence of electrolyte disturbance and signs of toxidrome supporting same (hypotension, tremors, nausea and vomits, SVT)
  • Supportive Care: correct hypokalaemia, antiemetics.
  • Investigations – Bedside: COVID RAT, VBG, Bhcg, BSL
  • Investigations – Pathology: FBC, U+Es, Ca, Mg, Paracetamol and Theophylline levels (repeat every 2-4 hrs until falling)
  • Decontamination: NG and 50g activated charcoal once airway secure (Current risk of seizure outweighs benefit)
  • Enhanced Elimination: Dialysis – this patient is a candidate given lethal risk assessment and signs of severe toxicity (hypotension, SVT) Also a candidate for MDAC
  • Disposition: requires ETT to facilitate charcoal / dialysis and ICU.

SVT in Theophylline use or overdose:

  • Theophylline causes competitive antagonism of adenosine and therefore treatment of SVT in Theophylline OD with adenosine is often unsuccessful
  • B blockers use can be Propanolol, Metoprolol or Esmolol.

Further Reading – Textbook:

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Murray L, Little M, Pascu O, Hoggett K. Toxicology Handbook, 3rd Edition. Churchill Livingston Australia 2015.


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