Imaging Case of the Week 428

The following thoracic spine x-rays are from a 20 year old with mid back pain following a fall down the stairs. What can be seen?

Answer will be posted in a few days.

With thanks to Dr. Nic Anthony for the images.

One thought on “Imaging Case of the Week 428

  1. There are a few things that strike me on these x-rays
    1) the heart looks more globular looking
    2) The bowels look dilated
    3) on the AP view, at T12/L1 there looks to be a round lytic lesion mid-vertebral body, and the vertebral body above that looks to have some hypodensity. and on the lateral view there is a step in the same bone.

    Any chest symptoms?
    Maybe an acute CT abdomen and lower thoracic/lumbar spine is needed?

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