Lab 258

28 year old male BIBA as priority 1 – found unresponsive in room by parents. Patient last seen 24 hours prior.  History of IVDU, they unsure what he has taken. Not on regular medication.


Temp 39.7 C HR 130 BP 90/50 RR20 Sats 91% RA

ECG Sinus tach, normal QRS, dominant R wave aVR, peaked T waves

GCS 7 Pupils 4mm equal and reactive, hyperreflexia, no clonus


pH 7.208                             Na 140mmol/l

pCO2 61 mmHg                K7.4 mmol/l

HCO3 18 mmol/l              Cl 106 mmol/l

B/E -5.8                              Cr 210 umol/l

BSL  6.1 mmol/l                Lactate 6.2mmol/l


  1. Describe and Interpret the VBG
  2. Discuss your management of this patient