Lab Case 118

A 35 year old man, one week post knee surgery, presents with increasing pain in knee,  fevers and swelling over the wound site.

His blood tests show:pH  7.526

pCO2  48.1  (35-45  mmHg)

HCO3  39.8  (22-26  mmol/l)

Hb  177  g/l

Na  135  (137-145 mmol/l)

K  2.7  (3.5-5  mmol/l)

Cl  88  (99-111  mmol/l)

Describe and interpret the blood tests

One thought on “Lab Case 118

    Contraction alkalosis, Liquorice, Endocrine (Cushing’s, Conn’s), Excess alkali, Refeeding syndrome, Post-Diuretics.
    GI losses, Overdose of base, Renal/Refeeding, Endocrine.

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