Lab Case 200 UP!

An 80 year old man presents to your ED with shortness of breath for the last 12 hours. On examination he has significant intercostal recession and tachypnoea with oxygen saturations of 88% on room air.

Vital signs:

BP 160/70

HR  110/min

RR  30/min

His ABG on 6 litres oxygen:pH  7.172

pCO2  83.3  mmHg                            pO2   64 mmHg

HCO3  29.3  mmol/l                           BE  -2.2

O2 sats  86.2 %

Hb   159  g/l

Na  133  mmol/l        K  4.3  mmol/l                Cl  95  mmol/l

Glu  13.1                 Lac  0.9  mmol/l              Creat    50  umol/l

Describe and interpret his blood gas

List causes of his illness

Describe key treatment interventions