Lab Case 269

A 3 week old baby is brought into ED by his parents who have noted the baby is sleeping more, feeding less and has had a temperature of 38.5 degrees.

A full septic screen is done on the baby, including a LP. LP results as below:

Appearance – turbid                                                                    BSL: 5mmol/l

Protein 1.8 g/l

Glucose 1.9 mmol/l

WCC 900 x 10/L  80% Neutrophils

RBC 10 /ml

Gram Stain : No Bacteria seen


  1. Describe and Interpret the above LP results
  2. Complete the below table
Neutrophils Lymphocytes Protein Glucose (CSF:Blood) Gram Stain Appearance
Normal Term Neonate
Normal Term >1 month