Lab Case 320

34 year old male with a background of alcohol dependence (30 standard drinks per day) and Crohn’s disease presents to ED after 24 hours of no alcohol use. He is complaining of feeling anxious, sweaty and in the last few hours he feels like his legs are cramping and he is feeling increasingly weak. He required a wheel chair to get him into the department.


pH 7.66                                                             Na 127mmol/l

pCO2  31mmHg                                                K 2.3 mmol/l

pO2     32mmHg                                                Cl 68 mmol/l

HCO3  36mmol/l                                                Cr 156 umol/l

B/E  14                                                               Lactate 7.2 mmol/l

BSL 9.0 mmol/l


  1. Describe and interpret the VBG
  2. What is delirium tremens?