Lab Case 167

A 50 year old man is brought to your ED by ambulance. He complains of feeling unwell, fever, cough and difficulty breathing. He denies any chest pain or history of previous heart problems.

On examination he looks unwell, tachypnoeic and has very cold peripheries.


BP 150/90

HR 140/min, sinus

T 38

RR 26/min

O2 sats 96 RA Continue reading

Lab case 162

A 9 year old boy is referred in by his GP for further management of his blood results.

He has 3 days of a flu like illness with fever, leg pain, runny nose and cough. He is a healthy child without any other illness and fully immunised.

He looks well and has normal vital signs apart from a low grade temperature after some Paracetamol. Continue reading

Lab Case 155

A 6 year old is brought in by ambulance on a P1 due to a GCS of 9.

Mum found him on the floor of the lounge unresponsive. She thinks he was quite stiff at the time and had urinated. She did not witness any jerky movements.

He was unwell for 2-3 days with a cough, runny nose and fevers, saw the GP today and was prescribed amoxicillin.

On arrival:


T  37.2

HR  125/min

BP 120/80 Continue reading