ECG of the Week 30th November 2022

A 52 year old woman is triaged as a category 2 after complaining of chest tightness on the background of having previous cardiac history. She thinks she may have had stenting to her coronaries but is unsure. Please systematically describe the ECG and anticipate what structural or functional changes she may have to her heart on echocardiography.

ECG of the Week 9th November 2022

A 60 year old man, who speaks little English, is triaged as a category 2 for left sided chest pain after being brought to hospital by ambulance. He has a history of the following:

  1. CMML under surveillance (he says “no treatment, just blood tests”, but can’t tell you who his haematologist is)
  2. Kidney Dysfunction (he can’t elaborate further)
  3. Hypercholesterolaemia (takes a statin)
  4. Reflux (takes a PPI)

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