Lab case 353 interpretation

Question 1:

We should consider ascending cholangitis in any patient with fever and features of obstructive jaundice till prove otherwise.

The diagnosis of ascending cholangitis is a clinical diagnosis. Patients usually have the classic Charcot triad of abdominal pain, fever, and jaundice.

Now we will discuss each component of this Liver Functions Tests separately.

Bilirubin = 101 umol/L.  

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ECG of the Week 16 February 2022 Interpretation

The following ECG is from a 52 year old male with a history of bipolar mood disorder and cardiomyopathy. He presents to ED complaining of increasing shortness of breath and leg swelling.  The patient is on antipsychotic medication, bisoprolol, Frusemide and Spironolactone. He has been recently told to decrease his Frusemide dose from 160mg daily to 40mg daily.

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