Lab Case 197

A 50 year old male is BIBA post cardiac arrest. The cardiac arrest was witnessed with bystander CPR started immediately. The initial cardiac rhythm was VF.

The patient has had 4 shocks, 2mg adrenaline and 300mg Amiodarone. The patient is intubated and ROSC has been obtained.  Below is the patients initial ABG (FiO2 1.0):

pH 7.16                                            Lactate 6mmol/l

pCO2 46mmHg                                Glucose 14.3mmol/l

pO2 137 mmHg                               Sodium 137 mmol/l

HCO3 16mmol/l                               Chloride 102 mmol/l

B/E -13                                            Potassium 3.3 mmol/l

sats 97%                                         Cr 101umol/l

  1. Describe and interpret the VBG
  2. Discuss the post resuscitation care you would provide for this patient
  3. What is the latest recommendations for Targeted Temperature Management?