Lab Case 205

66 year old female presents complaining of anuria for the past 48 hours. She reports nausea and vomiting over the last week. She has a background history of IHD, having undergone a CABG 6 weeks ago. She also has Type 2 DM on Metformin and Gliclazide.  The patient baseline Cr is 150umol/l

ABG on FiO2 0.4

pH 6.941                                            Na 139 mmol/l

pCO2 9.5 mmHg                              K 5.7mmol/l

pO2 168mmHg                                 Cl 105mmol/l

HCO3 1.9mmol/l                             Glu 5.5 mmol/l

B/E -29.3                                           Cr 659 umol/l

Lactate 18 mmol/l                          Hb 94g/l


  1. Describe and Interpret the ABG
  2. Name the types of lactic acidosis and give examples of each.