Lab Case 47

A 70 year old man presents to your ED feeling unwell with abdominal pain and vomiting for two days. He has a history of NIDDM, HTN and high Cholesterol. He is immediately triaged to your resuscitation bay, placed on 15 litres oxygen by non rebreather mask and iv access is obtained.


BP = 160/50

PR 115/min

T 37.5 Celsius

RR 40/min

His ABG and blood results are as follows Continue reading

Lab Case 18

A 35 year old man is brought to your Emergency Department by ambulance following a suicide attempt. His wife found him in his car with the engine running at 7.30 am, he had connected a hose from his exhaust into the car. He was last seen at 7 am that same morning.

On examination :

GCS 14

BP 150/90

PR 99/min

Sats 97 – NP 4litres

Describe and Interpret his ABG ( after 5 minutes of 15 litres oxygen via non rebreather) Continue reading